Thursday, January 5, 2012

Ranting now

OK so I missed yesterday. My car died and had to spend time working on it. Turned out to be another blown 30 amp fuse. This might get serious one day.

I did also write my 1500 word essay for the Fire Department. Was supposed to be a 500 word essay but that is just boring. You can't get into the story in just 500 words. Now to see if anyone reads that.

OK been wanting to mention this one for a while. Why is everyone so upset at Tebowing? You know kneeling to pray thing the quarterback does. I think because it taps into so much of what Americans expect and often don't get from our atheletes. Many have said they are not role models but when one acts like one they don't know how to act.

Also the guy is religious. Most people believe in some sort of God/Goddess they just don't want to be reminded about the fact they don't practice that often or go to church that often or the simple fact that some people can show thier faith while most would rather just have a good time.

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