Thursday, December 15, 2011

Book Review I

Finished reading a book about zombies last night. I know big surprise there. This one is one of those short story collections called Zombiesque containing 16 stories by different authors edited by Stephen L. Antczak, James C. Bassett and Martin H. Goldberg.
The fun part of this book is that all the main characters are Zombies. Now if you only know Zombies from George Romero (all Hail) and The Walking Dead and Return of the Living Dead you will find some of those Zombies here BUT remember people there are alot of Zombies out there and this book gives many a fine example of thinking Zombies like a Vodun Zombie, a Detective Zombie, a meatpacking Zombie a serial killer Zombie and some others.
I do not like to give an overall rating to a short story collection but here goes. On the 1 to 10 scale this one gets a 6. Some stories bored me and other were just a little too weird and one I did not even finish but the good ones brought it back up. So read this one and if a story doesn't grab you skip to the next one. You will find something you like.

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